Saturday, 15 March 2014

Brish's Challenge: A Year of Bringing My Lunch

Oh yay, now that sounds as boring as bat-shit, doesn't it?  In order to keep myself accountable though, because I have fallen off the wagon, I would like to keep a little record of my efforts to bring my own lunch.  I'm not that bad, just a bit slack in the morning, and like always, we are watching every $.  Is there ever going to be a time when we are not?

I should quickly update you first:  we bought a house in November, moved in January, and it turns out, that Miss M moved in, without the boyfriend Chris.  I'm unsure where their future stands, but alas, it is their journey, not mine.  All in good time.

So, now that we are a family of three again, still on a single income, I have had to return to basics.  I did this seven years ago to get into our beautiful townhouse, and followed many concepts of the simple living movement (though trying to keep up with the Jones' in a university environment, and then Scout and soccer worlds), and I know we can make it work.

I therefore set myself a challenge:  a year of bringing my own lunch.  Like I said, I'm not too bad, but could certainly use a little motivation.

Day 1, Wednesday 12 March:  Vegemite on toast.  Hahaha!!  What a miserable old start to my year!  But, we have a freezer at work, and it is what was available.  I'm hoping that the meeting that lets out in an hour has some leftovers.

That's my day, guys!  Bit humid and warm up here in Brisbane.  Hope life is treating you all well!


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Menu Planning Monday

Well, as the possibility of us buying a house and moving in 52 51 days becomes more of a reality, and I need to keep as many $ spare to ensure I have legal fees, spare mortgage while the townhouse rents out, and all the little repairs that are necessary for the townhouse, menu planning has become my best friend.

And catering to Son C is becoming more difficult as time goes by.  He would be a little Junk Food God if I allowed him (and I have given him the latitude to spend his pocket money as he pleases, so he certainly gets enough opportunity!) but of course I try not to get any during the week.  But I find when we are home, he is so engrossed in whatever game/social media he is playing, that dinner time becomes more of a battle, he eats less because he is in such a hurry to get back to what he is doing, and as a growing 13yo, he is hungry again by 9:00pm when the computers go off.  Does anyone else battle with this?

So, in no particular order, and allowing for leftovers, we are eating this week:

Spaghetti bolognaise 

Roast chicken 

Chicken drumsticks and potato salad

Chinese-style pork and rice, with vegetables 

Chicken schnitzels , chips and salad

And of course, I like  to do a home-made pizza on a Sunday night, because I’ve usually just been grocery shopping and have no inspiration!!  

What’s your go-to meal on a Sunday night?

Make Your Soul Shine :-)

Saturday, 30 November 2013

My poor, neglected blog

There are no excuses.  I love writing on here and I love talking about making my life over, from the inside out and from the ground up.  But, I've just been so busy with socialising, and rotten work problems and .. the big news ... I have (hopefully) bought a house, that I just didn't pop in here.  And after a significant absence, it just feels so hard to come back.

But, come back I have. 

So yes, all that cleaning out I have done (they say that you need to get rid of the old to make way for the new) has led me to falling in love with a gorgeous little (older) house in a nearby suburb.  At just the perfect price, as well.  It is nothing terribly flash to look at, but Son C loves the retro look of the house, and Miss M has taken over as Master Decorator and Renovator and has great plans to do to the house.

It also has a massive, detached rumpus room which she and her boyfriend Chris will move into.  I can't deny that was one of the major attractions for me - finding a separate space where she could live until she is more independent.  They have done really well - they have rented several houses and been diligent with rent and billpayments, etc.  On one income, it's really tough on them and I'd like to give them a break for a few years so they can get on a little more solid ground and get out of a bit of debt.

My good friend Lady R says I am not allowing my daughter to be independent, and that she therefore won't learn how to be.  I can see some truth to what she says - why struggle and pay rent when you can just live at home?  Unfortunately I just see that Miss M branched out too early and has so much more to learn.  It might be a little easier for her and Chris if they have a bit of time to do that first before they go back to paying ridiculous amounts of rent. 

So, my friends, happy December, and that's where I am at today!!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Power Ballads are for co-dependents

My guilty pleasure is false nails.  Yup, I love ‘em.  I love the elegance, the colours,  and I love an hour to myself once a month to play ladies.

I was in my favourite nail spa recently, watching the awesome old 80’s videos on a continual MTV loop, listening to Richard Marx pining his unrequited love, late at night alone in a hotel, in a colour-less, black and white montage, faithfully promising that he will be right here waiting for her.

I wonder now if Richard Marx is still right there waiting for her or did he move on and get a life?  Is Cher still wanting to turn back time or has she realised that she should live in the present moment?  Does Foreigner even know what love is yet?

And right there in the nail salon, it dawned on me.  

Power Ballads are for Codependents.  

I spent my teens watching Richard Marx, and crazily obsessing over some poor unwitting object of my codependent obsession.

I went into my 20's with Bridget Jones, watching movie re-runs in my pyjamas, singing by myself into my wine glass.  Fortified by a good drop of red, I believed that I could wish and hope and pray Colin Firth into my very own living room.

Of course by my thirties, I was getting more up close and personal with the likes of Dr Phil and Oprah.  I was realising I was possibly, slightly, maybe more than a little broken.

I’ve grown up now though.  I’ve read more than a few spiritual and self-help books, so I think I'd like to spent my 40's working on a mature, mutually respectful, communicative and honest relationship.
Disney.  You and me.  We need to talk.  

Signed, the ever-loving and the ever-learning,

Sunday, 20 October 2013

I wish I got photos...

...because we went on the most awesome road trip today to visit my lovely friend Lady R who has moved down past Murwillumbah.  That's right, packed up bright and early on a Sunday morning and we were on the road by 7:00am, in time to share the roads with the riders from the Brisbane to Gold Coast ride.  Tried to get Son C to grab a photo, but every time we caught a glimpse of them, he wasn't quick enough to grab out the phone.

Aside from spending time with my friend Lady R (who also brought the wonders of kinesiology into my life, but that's another story), we popped back to Uki as the markets were on today and the busy town was alive with locals and visitors alike.  I lluurrvveee to devour old book stalls, and found a copy of the Law of Attraction, and couldn't walk past a plate of felafels and hommus for lunch.  Mmmm... that will make up for the Golden Arches breakfast I bribed Son C with to get him up early. ;-)

Then it was over to Nimbin to see the sights.  It's not my world, but I love the little stores cluttered with crystals, and incense, and stones and jewellery and all sorts of other natural products.  I didn't buy anything, but I really do always want to burn incense around the house.  I find that when it burns to the end (worse with the incense cones, but with the sticks also), it just gets a nasty acrid odour, that I don't find pleasant.  Any answers?

A hasty goodbye was made and we readied ourselves for the long drive home.  Son C had a great time, away from screens and games and headphones.  It was nice to spend time with him for awhile before his head delves back into TeenageDom.

Am feelin the love.  Night all!  *mwah*